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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The President's Motocade

this is no joke yo.

4 minutes before his arrival, traffic police are already clearing the whole road for him.

noted - ten black tinted SUVs which i suppose are secret service agents

numerous vans. countless cars as well. possibly 20 traffic police just because the president wants to get to the other side of the island lol

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All The Other Stuffs.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

miffy is in da house!

this post was supposed to be dated 29th october or something. a quick lunch with potato dear at ministry of food at bugis. was decent enough for me i guess. nothing much to shout about still.

the desert was something that left quite an impression on me. sweet hot potato on icecream with red beans air flown in from japan i believe. quite a good mixture of sweetness.

i hate to be biased or anything but this is utterly the cutest mp3 player i have ever laid my eyes on!!!

only minus point is that i can't stuff in the westone jack in to use with my customs. if not, i wouldn't mind buying this and bringing it out to listen on the train HAHAHA!

the house ( round round thing ) is actually a docking system for miffy ( the bunny ) to play songs. decently loud if used at home on the table. quality is just normal but the cute part are the changeable clothes LOL.

a good christmas gift for many i would guess :)


a epic mixture of compact discs i bought two weeks ago. from the top row left to right...

- coldplay : viva la vida
- bob sinclair : house masters
- ryuchi sakamoto : playing the piano
- david guetta : one love
- david garrett : encore
- paco de lucia : gold
- duel
- escala

it actually took me lik 15 mins to make this formation LOL. from coldplay to ryuchi sakamoto to david guetta. that's the range of genres of music that i listen to. i actually just wanted the coldplay album and david guetta's new album after potato's recommendations.

but i just got self poison and hooted that much more >.< the bob sinclair one was for their membership card which gives me a freaking ONE dollar voucher for every 20 dollars spent.

whats more! the ONE dollar voucher can only be used on the next purchase and valid for only 6 months if i remember correctly. zzz but free coffee whenever i go there. been listening to david guetta as my wake up song recently lol.

today ( 091109 ) , on the way home from work, i was actually listening to paco de lucia and i was amazed at his amazing fingerworks and what the mage customs could actually do. some great guitar tracks from him as well.

a brief introduction of the cds i bought. coldplay requires no introduction i believe. bob sinclair and david guetta are both very well-known house DJs. david recently was also voted number 3 DJ in DJ mag!!! wooohoO!

ryuchi sakamoto was the one that composed and played "merry christmas mr lawrence" and was used in the movies "leapyears" which caught my attention. i was totally hooked onto the song and the emotions he infused into his tracks.

escala are the from the british's got talent tv show. 4 girls playing string instruments and i just bought it without listening and it was the one last the "3 for 49.90" cds i had to grab.

david garrett was introduced by that cd shop staff and had the track "he's a pirate" so i just grabbed it too. didn't disappoint me too.

duel are a duo violinists i believe. not too bad too. so i just bought and listened to them for a while on the 2nd day.

well that's all for my hoots now.

on the way home from work earlier on, i was totally disgusted by the behavior of this girl to her boyfriend, i assume. let's just say... she's in her late teens and her thighs are as thick as mine, if not thicker and pimples more than mine.

don't get me wrong yo. i have nothing wrong with such ppls, it's just this girl alone. i was leaning on the doors as usual and she was just beside me at my 9'o clock with her boyfriend standing in front of me. she was leaning against the glass and her boyfriend's arm was holding the handle/pole.

then the most eyes torturing thing happened... she actually rested her chin on her boyfriend's arm that was grabbing the pole !!! WHAT THE FUCK! like totally acting cute siboh. should just gotta a room straight for them. another lady at my 10'o clock whom was just besides them was totally disgusted too LOL. she was grabbing the same handle/pole as the guy...

she then proceeded to pinch the boyfriend's arm and pulling it downways like WTF! then play with his chins fats and such. their friend then boarded the train at eunos MRT station and she then took the friend's sunglasses to wear and started to stare herself in the reflection!!!


and the worst part of all...

they alighted at bedok mrt station as well... my goodness.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

madness hoots!

woah woah! this is way way way WAY overdue. this are like some of the things i bought months ago! i totally can't believe i can't find the time to actually sit in front of my comp ( which i do everyday ) but just not blog about things.

maybe day to day stuffs are going to be very boring for most ppls. i just love taking pictures of my "hoots" and posting them on this space to share! or maybe to show off...

some burt bee's foot lotion for my very dry feets. the skin on my feet just keeps peeling off and it's just itchy i guess. in-grown toenails don't make things any better for me. it has been like causing me immense pain over a period of time.

my current hair wax for styling my hair. just a lil small bit is enuff for the whole day. and it's doesn't leave any residue on my hair if applied properly. my previous bottle lasted me like what ..? one year?

some cd hoots again. couldn't resist getting the pirates of the caribbean cd which consists of my favourite track for auditioning earphones. the lifehouse cd was just another cd which i just had to grab for the "two for 30dollars" offer from HMV. oh anyway HMV is moving to 303 somerset very soon.

some energy gel for potato to consume while running very long distance roh.

this is spartahhhh!!! okay just kidding... i went for the animal closing down sale at velocity and grabbed a random tshirt that's going for like 12 dollars and a jeans which i pretty much like at what? 39bucks?! i paid 139bucks when it was not on offer!!! :mad:

i actually exchanged some of my older powerex batteries and some other random sony batteries for a new pack of power imedion rechargable battseries for usage.

major hoot of october!!!

firstly, a skin cover for my new 160gb apple ipod classic. retails out there at 69buckeragoos.

just another apple ipod classic :D

aural sex. that's what i refuse to call it... hahahah! okay jokes aside.

presenting the...

Unique Melody Mage, Quad Drivers Customs Earphones. damage beyond repair.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our fair share of foreign talents

On a topic of foreign domestic maids, i do see a trend building up as not all of them are poor and here to make a proper living. I might be biased but they seem to be richer than the average singaporeans nowdays.

When i head to work via train on Sundays, i realised there are no shortage of foreign workers or simply in a simple term... domestic household keepers. they don't look poor, they seem to enjoy themselves more than i enjoy myself right here in my homeland.

construction workers are flooding singapore too. not to mention the famous chinese mainland "ah tiongs" who are literally invading singapore with their presence and culture. they even fuckin' hang their china flag on their national day in singapore. gzz

a simple incident sparked and flamed my hatred against most of their uncultured behavior. a man in his 40s i presume, digging his nostrils in full view of the public and passengers in the train... not one finger... he practically used FOUR fingers to freakin dig his two nostrils and use the same fingers to dig his ears after that.

why should i bother? yea. he flicked his whatever shit that came outta either his nostrils or ears onto the floor... and i hoped nothing hit me!

some other cases of Bangladesh workers rushing into the train when the door is clearing closing and had the guts to use my shoulder as a fuckin' pole or support?! nabei still can smile at me somemore. i took a look around and realised... i'm surrounded by them... how ironic...

some other matters. my north face running socks, the thing is that... i seldom run... hahahah!

my yellow ribbon prison run tag :) i'm glad i finished.

a few pictures from potato dear's birthday dinner! japanese food restaurant called ootoya or something in orchard central. i ordered a simple pork ketsu with egg in some gravy.

here comes potato's set meal, a beef patty with mash potato and stuffs. not bad really.

our desert at a cake shop nearaby. she had her favourite black forest cake while i had triple chocolate cheesecake or something.

my cd hoots recently. a nostalgic cd of beyond live in 1991 hahaha!

another 2 cds bought from hmv yesterday while shopping for vincent's paramore cds. finally found the potc track that i wanted :) pretty satisfied but somehow. a lil' no life. after shopping, i went back to stereo to have a sit and listen to some portable amps.

maybe i shall start making a list of things that i want to get in future... i have to start thinking hard alright :)

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